The specialist for specialty paper

Nearly 150 years of tradition and experience in paper manufacturing

In 1865, the brothers Clemens August, Carl and Gustav Hoffsümmer founded our company Gebr. Hoffsümmer Spezialpapier GmbH & Co. KG. Initially, the brothers devoted themselves to the refinement of paper. Just a few years later, they also started to make paper. Since 1872 – for nearly 150 years – the company Hoffsümmer has produced high quality special paper.


Strategic location advantage through the Düren company headquarters

With the Düren location, our company founders made a good choice for the paper mill: the small river Rur supplied sufficiently low-salted water and therefore a valuable raw material. Water was indispensable both for the process of paper production and for energy production. Even today, with its transport connections, Düren is particularly favorable in the center of Europe, within the tri-city area of Aachen-Cologne-Dusseldorf. From there we supply customers all over the world.




Family business with worldwide sales markets

Our company has maintained its independence and is still family owned. Around 100 employees work on the production of decorative paper, electrical insulating paper, filter paper or other specialty papers on the approximately 150,000 m² company premises. Three paper machines have a capacity of more than 40,000 tons per year. Not only are our sales markets as paper manufacturers located all over the world, we also buy raw materials worldwide.




Resource-conserving production

Sustainability is very important to us. In principle, we produce our papers and special papers as resource-efficient as possible. For this purpose among other things we introduced an energy management system. For the use of sustainable raw materials, we were FSC certified in 2010. For certain qualities not only do we use our own rejects and recycled fibers wherever possible, but the rejects of the customers as well.

The success story of Hoffsümmer


    1865   The Hoffsümmer brothers found the paper processing company
    1872   Hoffsümmer begins paper production in the Gürzenich mill
    1910-1919   Development of electrical insulation papers
    1949   The company resumes production after it was interrupted during the war
    1960-1969   Began with the production of decorative papers
    1970   The fourth paper machine "PM 4" starts production
    1972   The Radmacher family takes over the Hoffsümmer company
    1983   Start of production of the "PM 5", which replaces the old paper machines 2 and 3
    1984   Started with the production of filter papers
    1996   Hoffsümmer is certified according to ISO 9001
    2004   Annual production rises to over 30,000 tons
    2005   Production increases again to over 35,000 a year
    2006   Introduction of new ERP software
    2008   Introduction of SAP operating software
    2010   FSC qualification
    2012   Certification energy management system 50001
        Cellulose papers offered as FSC mix
    2017   Certification under ISO 9001:2015
        Certification under FSC-STD-40-004 V3-0

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