Specialty papers

Paper production according to customer requirements

We manufacture a wide range of specialty papers. The production always depends on the intended application and above all on the ideas of our customers. Our product range includes decor papers for decorative laminates for furniture or surfaces of countertops and laminate flooring, electrical insulation papers for use in modern electronics and industrial papers for industrial or laboratory filtration. Due to the equipment of our machines,
we can cover – depending on the product – a relatively wide basis weight (FG) range, and therefore various grammages.
For the production of different types of paper, we use only selected raw materials of the highest quality. In addition to cellulose from deciduous and coniferous wood fibers from annual plants, such as cotton linters, we also use synthetic fibers. We are certified according to ISO 9001: 2015. This guarantees a continuous review and lasting assurance of our
quality standard.




Our specialty papers are suitable for the following applications:


Decor papers   Furniture and laminate flooring
Counteracting paper
  Furniture and laminate flooring
HPL/ CPL paper   Decorative surfaces, e.g. furniture, worktops, exterior facades
Electric insulating paper   Printed circuit boards PCB (e.g. FR 1, FR 2 and CEM 1)
Technical laminates   Sleeves, transformers, resistors, truck loading floors, shuttering panels
Cable paper   Submarine cable
Kraft papers bleached / unbleached / colored   Compact laminates for the furniture industry, electric laminates, shuttering panels

Filter papers

  Laboratory and analysis filters
Publication papers / upholstery papers   Production of circuit boards and magnets
Crepe papers   Coffee filters and technical applications
Vulcanized fiber papers   Grinding wheels / abrasive belts
Glass fiber paper   Filtration, analytics and medical technology

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