Hoffsümmer as employer

For almost 150 years, our company, based in Düren, has stood for the
production of high-quality papers.

As a family-run, medium-sized paper mill with three paper machines, we have a diverse production program of technical specialty papers. The Düren location is conveniently located in the tri-city area of Aachen-Cologne-Dusseldorf.


Tradition combined with flexibility


Since its founding, Hoffsümmer has been family owned. Now, as then, the owners and directors have a direct relationship to the company and to production. Tradition and flexibility are not mutually exclusive and both are capitalized on Hoffsümmer. That also applies to our role as employer. As a family-owned company, we rely on long-term personnel development. Our employees should want to identify with Hoffsümmer as their employer. For this, we offer them a secure job in a company that is both future-proof and financially well-positioned and therefore planning for the long term. In addition to reliability and dedication, we expect above all the same flexibility from our employees to meet our customers.




Why work at Hoffsümmer?


In addition to being a pro-training company, we support all employees financially or in the form of release for training leave. Outstanding work and effort pay off at Hoffsümmer. For the performance of our employees, we grant not only standard salaries but also extra-wage supplements or bonus payments. We offer salary conversions to promote retirement schemes. In addition, we support and reward
a healthy lifestyle of our employees in the form of a health premium for low absenteeism.


Tips for applying to Hoffsümmer

In what form should you send your application?
Please apply in writing – by mail – with cover letter, CV, certificates and a photo. Your cover letter should indicate why you are applying for the vacancy.

Is also an application by email possible?
You are also welcome to send us a short application by email. Please do not attach attachments to your mail for antivirus purposes.

What happens after the application is received?
Your application will first be checked by the HR department as well as the managing director and the responsible department manager.
If your application is a good fit, you will receive an invitation to meet us in a timely manner.

How do the interviews work?
In the case of an invitation, the head of department usually meets you for a discussion. We want to get an idea of your expertise
and your motivation. It is also important to get a sense of whether your personality is a good fit for the company.

How many interviews are there usually?
If the first conversation is positive, you may be invited to a second appointment, this time with the managing director.

How long does it take for a decision to be made?
When it comes to staffing, we want to make the quickest possible decision for you as well as for us. Depending on the position to be filled, the number of applicants and the schedule of the managing director, the decision-making process takes a maximum of two to three weeks.

What happens with my data?
Of course, we also implement the privacy policy in accordance with the legal requirements for incoming applications. Customer and employee data are stored only to the extent that is necessary for organization and processing. Beyond the legal regulations, the data
will in no case be passed on to third parties.


Any questions about vacancies or applying at Hoffsümmer?

Give us a call!



Personnel department

Bernadette Poll 

Tel.: 0049 (0)2421 / 6922-36

E-Mail: b.poll[at]hoffsuemmer.de

Ihr Ansprechpartner beim Experten für Spezialpapiere

Your contact person for the specialist for special papers


Sales Director


 Erik Schumann


0049 (0)2421 / 6922 -30


Leitung Vertrieb Innendienst


Head of Internal Sales


 Heike Borgers


0049 (0)2421 / 6922 -33




Internal Sales


Cathrin Holzportz


0049 (0)2421 / 6922 -31




Internal Sales


Nico Neffgen


0049 (0)2421 / 6922 -32