Industrial paper

Technical papers for the industry

As experts for specialty papers, we also develop technical papers for use in industry. With our industrial papers we serve a wide variety of sectors. Due to our experience and flexibility, we determine solutions for your very specific needs. Just contact us!



Technical laminates


The grammage range of our technical laminates starts at 40 gr/m², with
a width of up to 270cm. Our customers for technical laminates come primarily from the electrical industry. Technical laminates are used, for example, in clutch and friction linings.

The characteristics of Hoffsümmer technical laminates are:

  • Bleached and unbleached grades are available
  • The use of various raw materials such as pulp, linters and synthetic fibers is possible.
  • In terms of capacity, we are at the top of the European market.
  • Due to the high purity of the process water and the use of an ion exchanger our technical laminates have only a low conductivity.


Cable paper


The grammage range of our cable paper starts at 40 gr/m². We produce this industrial paper mainly for cable manufacturers.

This is what Hoffsümmer's cable paper is made of:        

  • Our cable papers are unbleached kraft papers.
  • Usable as PILC (Paper Insulated Lead Cable).
  • The cable papers have a low conductivity.
  • We provide special qualities for the cable industry, e.g. submarine cables.




Presses / upholstery paper


Our range of industrial papers also includes press and upholstery paper. The grammage range starts here at 80 gr/m² and we produce the paper in widths of up to 270cm. Our press and upholstery paper is purchased by customers in the electrical industry and by magnet manufacturers.

 The advantages of our press and upholstery papers are:        

  • Upholstery paper is used in the production of electrolaminates and magnets.
  • The filter value can be adjusted so that no finely ground substances
    will break down the filter.
  • Creped variants prevent tearing on curved contours.




Vulcanized fiber raw paper /
glass fiber paper


For our vulcanized fiber raw and glass fiber paper, the grammage range starts at 50 gr/m². We manufacture this grade of industrial paper in widths
up to 270cm (glass fiber up to 120 cm).

What's special about Hoffsümmer's vulcanized fiber raw and glass fiber paper:

  • Production takes place according to customer specifications.

 For the industrial sector, we also produce crepe paper.

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